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During Tom Barnard’s (Barney) 27-year tenure with Major League Baseball, it was always important to him to give back to the community and train local athletes in the off season. Quickly, his impressive reputation spread across the Chicagoland area as he trained the Mid Suburban League Conference Player of the Year ten years in a row. He also helped send more than 80 athletes on to college, with some continuing their baseball careers at a professional level. In 2005, Barney and his wife welcomed their son Bryk into the world, which impacted Barney’s scouting and traveling schedule with the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 2006, Barney was selected to participate in the Home Run Derby at PNC Park where he threw to contestants Jermaine Dye and Troy Glaus. Shortly after, Barney committed his full-time career to growing The Barn. By 2008, Barney generated a following of more than 200 families not only across the Chicagoland area, but across the country. With a strong focus on work ethic, development, and competition, The Barn has become one of the top baseball facilities in the Chicagoland area for athletes looking to play at a higher level. Barney has built relationships and created a reputation across collegiate and professional levels that have allowed The Barn athletes to be put in an optimal position to reach their goals. 

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