Travel Baseball Program

High School Summer/Fall Baseball

In our High School program at the Athletic Barn we play both a Summer Ball season as well as a Fall Ball season. Our Summer ball program begins around Memorial Day and runs through the last weekend of July. Our Fall ball season begins the middle of August and concludes the middle of October. We play in the highly competitive I-94 league which consists of many of the top programs in the Chicagoland area. During both the Summer and Fall, the games are college oriented showcase games played on every weekend.

Once our Fall baseball season ends, the Barn begins its offseason workouts November 1st. These offseason workouts consist of baseball specific skills training (hitting, pitching, catching, and defense) along with a speed and strength program that is second to none. These workouts run all winter through March 1st. The workouts are are run by an Athletic Barn staff that have multiple years of professional and Division 1 collegiate experience.

To join the program take a look at our tryout dates or go up to the contact us page and reach out for more details, we would love to hear from you!!

If you would like access to the 2021 High School Summer Baseball Schedule, please follow the link below


– Each age level (2024 grad, 2023 grad, 2022 grad, and 2021 grads) have their own specified tab on the link above. Please navigate to your desired grad year tab to view the full summer schedule

– Please note, games on the schedule above are subject to change and the link above will be constantly updated throughout the course of the summer

– Tournament schedules are TBD and usually come out 5-7 days prior to weekend start. If you would like specifics on game times/ locations, please contact Nick via email at or via text at (847) 863 – 4294

Developmental Youth Spring/Fall Baseball

The youth program at the Athletic Barn is still in its infancy but is growing by leaps and bounds. The Barn’s focus at this level is about developing the boy’s skill set, teaching them how to compete, all the while having a great and enjoyable experience while doing so. Our Barn youth teams open their regular season in April and conclude play in July. We play in the MSBL which consists of approximately 20 League games plus additional playoff games. Each team will also play in two independent tournaments during the course of the year. All in all, each team will play approximately 30ish games. ALL our home games are played at the beautiful ALL-TURF complex Heritage Park in Wheeling.

The workout and practice schedule for the Youth program are listed below.

Included in the cost are 1 workout week in January and 2 workouts a week in February, these workouts are the workouts we run during our offseason with our older high school boys, you can select which times work best for you. We then begin our mandatory team practices in March and the season gets going mid April.

To join the program take a look at our tryout dates or go up to the contact us page and reach out for more details, we would love to hear from you!!

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